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U-Speech Analytics – Speech Analytics System

A new approach to recognition and in-depth analysis of voice and text dialogs with Customers thanks to the implementation of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies

Using the speech analytics capabilities of U-Speech Analytics allows you to achieve key business objectives:

  • Cost optimization on communication with Customers
  • Increase of sales and loyalty
  • Improvement of product quality

U-Assist Operator – Virtual Assistant

The U-Assist Operator Virtual Assistant automatically recognizes and analyzes customer phrases in real time, performs relevant searches through the knowledge base, and displays appropriate prompts to the operator.

  • Links to relevant articles from the knowledge base are the main tool; from this knowledge base are displayed article titles that are most appropriate to the topic of the voice query
  • Clarifying questions – if the knowledge base is large, and the Customer's request is either inaccurate, or applies to several topics, then a special set of clarifying questions is displayed for the operator
  • History of the recognized Customer's speech – the text block, where the whole history of the Customer's speech is displayed
  • Operator Script Checker – the tool allows you to monitor the speech of the call center operator for key dialog script conditions
U-Assist Supervisor – Virtual Assistant to Supervisor

In real time, the U-Assist Supervisor Virtual Assistant monitors the quality of the operator's work and triggers in the Customer's speech, which allows you to quickly respond to critical events.

U-Speech IVR – Voice Bot

The U-Speech IVR Voice Bot is a flexible communication platform that allows you to solve an unlimited range of tasks in the field of interaction with your Сustomers.

U-SR Speech Recognition System

The U-SR Speech Recognition System was designed to enable the development of proprietary natural speech processing solutions that require speech recognition and work with it both in real time and in the recognition queue execution mode.

Key features of the U-SR System:

  • High recognition quality – 85% ~ 94% depending on the recording quality and vocabulary features
  • All functionality is available via API
  • Different protocols support – REST API, gRPC, MRCP
  • Ability to choose the Recognition Model with the different lexical set
  • Ability to teach the Recognition Model with a special lexicon
  • Ability to work both from the cloud and in the Customer's own environment

U-TS Speech System

The U-TS Speech Synthesis System, thanks to machine learning and artificial neural networks, allows you to create voices that are almost indistinguishable from natural speech.

Female and male voices are available as a standard feature, and it is also possible to create a unique voice to meet Customer requirements.

U-CR Voice Call Recording System

The U-CR Voice Recording System was developed to implement speech recognition capabilities and its processing in real time.

The U-CR Voice Recording System is used in products such as U-Speech Analytics, U-Assist Supervisor and U-Assist Operator.

The U-CR Voice Recording System can be used as a standalone and easily scalable API integration solution.

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Events and Achievements
Development of the Artificial Intelligence Module for the U-Speech Analytics – Speech Analytics System
The development of the Artificial Intelligence Module for the U-Speech Analytics was supported by the Innovation Support Foundation (ISF) in the form of a state grant
Partnership Agreement with #cloudMTS
The Partnership Agreement allows to jointly propose to #cloudMTS cloud infrastructure customers advanced digital services developed by UKTECH LAB company, including the speech analytics tool U-Speech Analytics
U-CR Voice Recording System released
The U-CR Voice Recording System enables real-time transmission of traffic from customer/operator circuits to voice services
UKTECH Speech Recognition System
UKTECH Speech Recognition System is listed in the Russian Software Register
UKTECH Emotion Recognition
Specialists of R&D department have developed the U-Emotion Recognition – AI module, which allows to recognize emotions in a dialogue
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